A haven of Italian excellence

in the Swiss capital of luxury

For those who love luxury,

in an exclusive space Schirato

showcases the collections

that have made it renowned worldwide.

Nestled in the Alps, our shop is situated in Gstaad, a small town in the heart of Switzerland, renowned as one of the most exclusive places in the world while having fully preserved its alpine tradition.

In this setting, Schirato Interiors is located alongside shops owned by leading Italian and international brands. The shop is much more than a display space, representing a fusion of Swiss rigour and style with original Italian flair: it is a place where you can admire, choose and purchase creations by Schirato.

Designed by the architect Eddi Werli, a member of the FHCI Club that brings together the best architects in Switzerland, the shop was has been used as the professional's studio and showroom.

Since 2003, initially collaborating with the architect and then since 2013 as a single brand, Schirato Interiors has been using the entire 250-square metre space to highlight its products, recreating various interiors: a kitchen, dining room, living room, sleeping area, Arabian corner and bathroom.

On a visit to the shop, customers can do a tour of the various spaces, personally examining the items in the different collections and fully experiencing the alpine atmosphere that Schirato Interiors creates and conveys.

Thanks to a staff of specialists in the sector and to partnerships with the most prominent international architects, Schirato Interiors assists its customers in designing indoor and outdoor spaces to create unique ambiences, furnished with upholstery, curtains and carpets, with meticulous attention paid to details.

Schirato is an exclusive retailer for famous international brands including:

Fine Living - Colefax and Fowler - Ralph Lauren Home - Loro Piana Tessuti.


The Schirato Interiors brand offers luxury furnishing items and accessories for furnishing living spaces in the mountains (chalets, mountain refuges, etc.) in an exclusive and unique way...